About invicta green

Invicta Green is proud to provide commercial-grade water purification technology, now available for homeowners. We’ve adapted the advanced bioscience technology solutions created by Next Filtration Technologies, Inc. and scaled them down for private use.

  • Technology

    Our technology is based on a proven process known as Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC), which causes scale-forming crystals to stick to each other and not to metal surfaces, supplying water that is cleaner than ever before.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Scale Stop replacement cartridges cost less than the annual salt bill for a system of similar size, and change out periods can be as little as every 3 years for higher flow rate systems.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) has produced the first effective salt and chemical-free scale prevention method. Hardness minerals are converted into harmless crystals.

  • Proven Results

    All commercial testing and approval is reinforced by independent third-party verifications through an internationally-recognized testing protocol for hard scale prevention.

InvictaGreen Advanced Water Filtration

Technology Breakthrough

Recently recognized as a new technology, Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC®) offers the first proven effective and consistent chemical-free scale prevention method.

Next Scale Stop technology converts hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.

Better Water, Better Health

Next Scale Stop

Crystal Release and Regrowth

In the past, magnets, electromagnets, RF devices and catalysts have been available in the water softening industry, but few have proven to be effective.

Next Scale Stop is not a water softener, but it has all the advantages of a water softener without the disadvantages, and the water acts and feels just like soft water.

Next Scale Stop is more economical and has other benefits that a water softener does not have. Salt softeners have many limitations in commercial and industrial applications which are well-recognized and understood. Next Scale Stop can provide the protection needed without the restrictions associated with salt softener systems.


Extremely efficient: 5-second contact time regardless of hardness level. Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90-seconds.

  • No salt or other regenerants required.
  • No water waste from backwashing.
  • No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned.
  • Long-lasting media, not consumed by the reactions.
  • Unique "Template Assisted Crystallization" (TAC) technology induces the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively isolate hardness from the water chemistry.

All translate to longer life for equipment, greater energy efficiency and good environmental stewardship.

Residential Customer Benefits

  • Piping systems – scale prevention
  • Boilers and tankless water heaters - scale prevention
  • Solar heating systems – scale prevention.
  • Irrigation system spray head – scale prevention
  • Humidifier / evaporator – scale prevention
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