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We’re passionate about new water science. For the past several years, we’ve focused mostly on commercial applications where our formulations are used to reverse the damages caused to our ecosystem by industrial pollution.

In a chance encounter, we met the president of Next Filtration Technologies, Inc. who demonstrated the company’s new “salt-free” approach to scale build up. Needless to say, we were inspired.

Now, we’ve taken their commercial technology and successfully designed a scaled-down, miniature version of their commercial water treatment applications. Thanks to its scalable technology, our system works just as efficiently for the homeowner as it does in industrial applications. We’re proud to take home water filtration to the highest level possible for the benefit of you and your family’s health.


In this information-heavy age, it is surprising that most homeowners are unaware of the chemical abuses heaped upon them and their families in the food they eat, air they breathe and water they drink. With that in mind, it is our mission to provide a system that removes chlorine, fluoride and a host of other harmful chemicals from our customers’ residential water.

We seek to educate homeowners about the dangers of not treating the water that comes into their homes, and endeavor to safeguard them from the medical issues that may result from continuing to consume untreated water..



Most water filtration technology available today hasn’t changed much since the Egyptians first used charcoal to filter the waters of the Nile.

Don’t you think it’s time for an update?

Activated granular charcoal has been around for centuries, but is no match for the toxic chemicals we are faced with in our water today. Our state-of-the-art technology not only removes these dangerous chemicals and softens water without salt or back flushing, but it’s been proven effective by several university studies in both the U.S. and Europe.

These studies confirmed that our system consistently removes 95% of the scale from hard water – without salt. By adding an additional third filter, we are able to achieve a six-log, 99.999999% reduction in chemicals, such as fluoride, lead and mercury, just to name a few. These industrial waste by-products have no business being in our bodies.

Reduces Levels of:

  • Fluoride

  • Lead

  • Mercury

  • And More

Meet Our Team

Keith Tyler

Keith Tyler, President Invicta Green LLC Born in southern England in the county of Kent Keith, an “Army Brat” lived in Kaduna Nigeria where the British Army had posted his Dad a Sargent Major in the Royal Artillery. After five years in Nigeria the family moved back to the UK where Keith was educated and in his early twenties moved to the Bahamas where he developed and sold real estate for twenty two years. Moving to Miami to seek better opportunities and bored with real estate Keith obtained a Florida Yacht Brokers license and sold luxury yachts the biggest of which was an Italian Azimut a 90 footer which sold for 3.25 million dollars. Always interested in “business” and holistic health he began to focus his attention on the quality and safety of municipal tap water and bottled water both of which he believed could be improved considerably. Keith is quite passionate in his belief that chloramine, fluoride and Atrazine a powerful herbicide used in agriculture to mention just three of the many other toxins and carcinogens which are found in our tap water today. According to Keith, these toxins have absolutely no business being in America’s tap and bottled water.

Claire Tyler
Managing Director

Claire, is a valued member of our executive team. She was educated in the Bahamas, Bedgburey boarding school for girls in the UK and FIU where she earned her bachelors degree. Claire has been in business with her mother Jennifer Tyler for over fifteen years she makes sure that the business runs smoothly and is very well qualified to do so. Claire organizes trade shows, keeps her eye on the website and is quite expert in internet marketing notwithstanding this she has also become a recognized expert in the cashmere business which is hardly surprising since she was literally born into the business.

Fred DeFelice
Product development, Systems Designer

As a second-generation Master Plumber with over sixty years’ in the industry, my interest has always gravitated to the safety of the water we use every day Understanding the importance of safe water as it relates to a healthy life style, I set out to find the latest technologies in water treatment. I was surprised to learn that outdated Salt water softeners were still the method of choice in Florida. Most consumers are not aware of the Health issues and the environmental harm these systems cause. Many Cities have banned the use of Salt water softeners altogether. As a Certified Code Officer with the Dept of Environmental Recourses, I witnessed firsthand the damage to our environment caused by Salt water treatment systems. My search over the years has led me to today’s technologies. Our Systems are truly State of the Art, manufactured in the USA and assembled in our Tarpon Springs Facility. We have the right system for your needs with sizes for Mobile Homes, Estate Homes and everything in between. The process is simple, I will bring water for you to sample, test your water and inspect the plumbing systems.

Edward Duchene
VP of Engineering and Logistics

• Co-Founder of EnvirogenX 2015 till present as a director of operations • Formed, ESP in 2006 till 2013 Specializing in water reclamation and drinking water systems, including Nano filtration, enzyme technology and Atmospheric water generators. • Sat on the advisory board in 2010 as requested by President Pepe Lobo of Honduras to seek a solution for issues effecting Honduras largest fresh water lake, Lake Yojoa. Worked with the international Community for the funding of the Lake Yojoa reclamation project from both US and Canada. Working in Honduras from 2010 till 2013, both in the public and private sector in aquaculture improvement program, children health improvements using Moringa as a dietary supplement to the current school food program. • From 2014 to 2015 was awarded the contract to provide an Aquaponics program with sponsorship from Chase Bank with FIU as project management. Aquaponics Inc was created in 2013 for that program we provided and built the aquaponic system and created the school curriculum for the students of Miami Northwest S.H.S. in Miami, Fl.

Better Water, Better health