My wife and I recently purchased a new home near Jacksonville, Florida. The house is beautiful, very comfortable and part of a well-planned and perfectly maintained community. However, as a physician with a lifelong interest in nutrition, exercise and health I knew that I had to do “something” about the water coming into the house from the municipal water works. I suspected that the water had far too much chlorine in it and as I later discovered many municipal water works around the country are replacing chlorine with chloramine an even more powerful disinfect often preferred by municipal water treatment plants because it stays active for a longer period of time. In fact, in our case taking a shower was a thoroughly unpleasant experience due to the fact that the water irritated my scalp, burned my eyes and it had a “bleachy” sort of odor to it, which is hardly surprising since chlorine is a powerful and highly toxic disinfectant. Keith Tyler, my friend of twenty years distributes a new technology that claims to deliver ultra-pure water to every tap and shower in the home and that this water is superior in quality to that of bottled water. Keith introduced me to his manufacturer Mr. Fred DeFelice who designed the Water Science US three stage system for the whole house. After an enjoyable and highly informative conversation with Mr. DeFelice who, incidentally deigns commercial plumbing systems for hotels and office buildings and is also a second generation master plumber with a lifetime’s worth of experience I quickly realized that I was in good hands and so we purchased the Water Science US system for our home. Every day before I go to the hospital where I work as a senior ER doctor I fill my water bottle with water right from the tap and taking a shower in “bottled water” is an experience that I highly recommend. My wife and I were amazed at the difference this new technology has made in our lives it was the best solution to a very bad problem.
water purification company homestead, Miami florida
DR Jim Hayes
As any exotic plant nursery owner will tell you, irrigation water must be pristine. As a life-long orchid grower I became concerned as we began to experience a steady decline in the quality of our irrigation water. Orchids require excellent quality water that does not leave a residue of chemicals behind on the plants. I had never heard of nano technology being used for water filtration until I met Keith Tyler, the owner of Invicta Green. He and his team came to our nursery and carefully reviewed our existing irrigation system consisting of wells, pumps and overhead sprinkler lines. They also took several water samples back to the laboratory for testing. Naturally, the test results showed that the RF orchids well water was less than perfect as you might imagine in this very active agricultural area known as the Redlands. Keith is quite an authority on nano technology and its application and water for Traciann and provided us with excellent service. More importantly, we noticed an immediate and significant improvement in the health and appearance of our orchid plants. The nano technology filters that we installed at RF orchids have greatly improved the quality of our well water and we are very happy with the results.
water purification company homestead, Miami florida
Robert Fuchs
RP Orchids, Inc.
We have had Fred install both the whole house system and the under the sink unit in our home and absolutely LOVE it! I noticed immediately the difference in my skin and hair. My skin is moist, and my hair was much softer and full of body. My daughter from Indiana came to visit and after a couple of showers she was telling me how much she loved our water in Florida and how much healthier her hair felt. I let he know that the Florida water definitely wasn't the reason but that it was due to this filtration system. Also, I love taking baths and I hated the strong chemical smell of chlorine in the water and knowing that my skin was absorbing those toxins. That is completely gone now. I also have noticed that I no longer have any water stains or calcium stains on my coffee pot. All baths, showers, sinks, toilets, etc. stay clean looking too. We love having clean, healthier filtered water at the sink and fill pitchers to leave in the refrigerator and to make our coffee. The coffee flavor is SO good. My neighbor comes over to fill his water bottle every day. Another neighbor comes to drink our coffee. I highly recommend this system for so many reasons.
Kim Adams
RE/MAX Elite Realty
Since I have had the whole house system in my house my hair and skin health has improved. My skin does feel more hydrated throughout the day, my hair feels and looks healthier. I was really interested to see how it compared to my grandmother’s soft water system in her house because everyone said it makes it the same way. That is completely untrue. My skin was so dry after I stayed with my grandmother and my hair felt very dry and brittle. I could not wait to get back home and shower in my own water. I know it sounds silly, but I already have a medical condition that makes my hair and skin dry, and the whole house system has really helped with that. I feel my clothes get cleaner and I do not use bleach in my whites anymore. I do not get that build up in my shower and tub from hard water stains or calcium, whichever it may be. I also have the alkaline water set up from Fred. The alkaline water is by far the best water I have ever tasted. My brother comes over daily to fill up two gallons so he can just drink that water during the day No other water compares to it. Another benefit to the whole house water is my face feels smoother. I do not get dry patches anymore.
Amy ivery
Accu Pressure Inc.