Invicta Green / Water Science FAQ

How do I order a filtration system?
Begin the process by calling (305) 230 6576 or send an e-mail to to set up an inspection of your home in order to test the water and establish exactly where the water treatment filtration unit should be located.

Does Invicta Green ship outside of the United States?

How can I install my filtration system?
We always recommend that the homeowner uses a licensed plumber to install our equipment, due in large part to its sophistication. However, if the owner wishes to personally do the install, we would have no objections. A self-installation may cause some issues with the warranty.

If my filtration system doesn’t work, who should I contact?
Our systems are engineered to run flawlessly for many years. In fact, they do not require any service for five years. However, as we know there are always exceptions. If the customer should have a problem with his water treatment system, he may contact us at (305) 230 6576 and ask to be connected to the service manager who will be more than happy to get the unit up and running in as little time as possible.

Who created the Water Science filtration system?
Fred DeFelice, the president of Water Science USA, designed our system and as a second-generation Master Plumber who works with architects and contractors to design commercial plumbing installations. With his considerable experience, Mr. DeFelice saw the water treatment market flooded with cheap, poor quality Chinese systems which frequently did not work as advertised. His manufacturing facility in Tampa produces high-end water treatment systems which will remove 99.999999% of the bacteria, viruses, cysts, and harmful chemicals found in todays municipal water. Mr. DeFelice maintains that it is the responsibility of every American to make sure that the municipal water coming into their homes is as pure and as safe to use as possible.

Do you guarantee results?
Other than a few extraordinarily reliable electrical/mechanical components, there is very little that can go wrong with our systems. However, the efficacy of this new generation technology is determined more by the laws of physics than by chance.

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