Premium Plus 1 Triple Treat Water System

The Best Filter To Eliminate Hardness From Your Water

Premium Plus 1 Triple Treat Water System

A Premium Plus 1 Triple Treat Water System is an efficient and  economical solution for your hard water problems. The best solution for hard water problems is one that works by eliminating the problem completely. Constructed using the best components and materials from US based manufactures, Safeway Water Brand systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida and are built and designed to last.

Our Signature series water softener is no exception to our commitment to quality, using proven salt based technology to remove the minerals in your water that cause scale build up. Since both well water and city water may contain hardness minerals, after all they are generally from a similar source, the benefits of having soft water are noticeable.  Not only will you save money at the grocery store and use less chemicals battling the effects of hard water, but your sensitive skin, appliances, shower heads, fixtures, and plumbing will thank you!

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