Water Treatment

The Invicta Green home water treatment system consists of a three-component approach to producing scale-free water and removing harmful carcinogens.

The Invicta Green 3-Component Approach

1 Part
Pre-Filter to Remove Chlorine

The system's first filter is an granular activated carbon (GAC) (Catalytic carbon) "pre-filter." Its main function is to remove chlorine and chloramines, but it also does an excellent job of removing other unwanted inorganic and organic compounds from municipal water too.

Catalytic carbon is granular activated carbon (GAC) which has had its electrical potential "super charged," or tweaked, so that when germs pass over it they are zapped by an electrical charge much like an electric fly zapper.

2 Part
Enable TAC Scale Removal Technology

The second part of our three-stage approach to purifying water is the Next Filtration Technologies TAC (template-assisted crystallization) scale removal technology. It consistently removes 95% of the scale found in even the hardest of waters.

3 Part
Purify Your Water to the Highest Level Achievable

In Step 3, the system incorporates the very latest Nanotechnology filtration which not only removes microplastics, a growing concern for health authorities worldwide, but also 99.999999% of all harmful bacteria and viruses. Equally important, our technology filtration removes the following chemicals: pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and agricultural chemicals by using the most advanced Nano purification technology available today. This provides you with a clean, chemical-free, and microplastic-free six-log reduction level of purity in your home's water.

Don’t Believe the Bad Science:

Most companies who sell home water filters would like us believe that activated granular carbon is the complete answer to achieving truly safe drinking water, but it’s simply not true. They also insist that brine water softeners are eco-friendly and produce safe drinking water, but this is not the case.

The Good Science:

Pine Sol, a well-known household disinfectant, has a one-log reduction and kills 99.9% of the germs with which it meets. Our water technology’s six-log reduction removes 99.999999% of the harmful properties found in municipal water.

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